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How to start to use OBK?

4 steps

1. Send us your company information such as:

  • You company name (English and/or Chinese);
  • Your company address;
  • Your contact information (contact name, email, phone, ...);
  • And your employees list. Each employee will have a specific access to enter their own data (vouchers, leaves request and timesheet):
    • Firt name (Chinese and/or English)
    • Last name (Chinese and/or English)
    • Report to who (must be an employee from the list)
    • Is he/she an accountant, a cashier, a manager or/and a payment approver?
    • Email address. Workflow management will send email on this address.

2. We will setup your company within 12 working hours

You will automatically receive an company code and password when on the contact email address. With this code and password, you can add/import all your clients, projects and suppliers information through our Java importation tool.

3. Download OBK

OBK-Secure for basic information such as voucher, leaves and timesheet

OBK-ERP for more features such as CRM, HR (with payroll), ....

To be able to install the application, you will have to input the generic username and password sent to you.

4. Connect with your username and password