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OBK-Secure is your MS-Windows application to manager your vouchers, leaves and timesheet.

Very easy to use, multi-language, working in all MS-Windows version from XP to 8 in 32 and 64bits.


OBK-ERP containts all modules. You can access to any module based on your access right.

No need to use this version for just voucher, holiday or timesheet management.

If you need to access to a CRM, HR, SCM and others modules, use this version and contact us for the access.


OBK-Mobile are the versions for smartphones and tablets.

You can create/update/approve your vouchers and link them with the photos taken by your mobile.

Versions are available for Android and IOS.

Company setup

The java application will help you to import all your master data:

  • Client
  • Project
  • Supplier
  • Business type and category

Marketing ressources

From this page, you can download all marketing ressources such as OBK' presentations.