What is OBK?

  • OBK is an online, client-based workflow management solution, including expenses, HR, RM and client.
  • It also exists as a fully customizable ERP version for manufacturing companies.
  • OBK is multilingual and based on menus so there is no need to translate.
  • OBK is fully integrated will all major accounting software packages.
  • It is a means of instantly providing to the Management the informatin needed to make business decisions.


Why OBK?

Solution to main problems of
managing a business in China

  • Distance & time difference
    • OBK allows for remote approval of expenses and purchases without time loss, wherever you have an Internet connection
  • Language barrier
    • The interface allow input and retrieval of information in each user's language.
  • Internal control weakness
    • Company procedures are hard-coded in the system and cannot be bypassed
  • Reporting timing & consistency
    • Instant reporting to management and interface with your existing accounting system.
  • Limited access to documents
    • OBK safety keeps remote electronic copies of documents and restricts their access to authorized users.


What OBK does?

  • OBK allows for remote approval of expenses and purchases without loss of time.
  • The interface allows input and retrieval of information in user's language without translation.
  • All procedures of the company are hard-coded in the system and must be followed.
  • It provides interfaces with your accounting software in China, provides instant reporting to the manages.
  • OBK safety keeps remote electronics copies of the financial documents of the company and this limits the rights to extract critical data such as client database.



Come in 3 versions

  • OBK-Secure for all your vouchers, leaves and timesheet management with a full approval workflow.
  • OBK-ERP for a complete ERP to manage your business
  • OBK-Mobile to access to your vouchers & leaves, or the voucher waiting for your approval, from your smartphone or tablet


How and where to start?

All information are defined into the HOW TO pages.

Basically, you must provide us your company name and address, the list of your employees and you can start to import your clients, projects, suppliers and your business types & items through our JAVA application.