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Common features

The application is following common features.

Required field

When a field is required, the caption of the field is in red. During validation, a test is done to verify the correct input.


Every string field which can be translated have a language button on its right (). By clicking on this button, you can input the translation of the current field into all language available.

We have now 5 languages (English, Chinese, German, French and Spanish) available. Adding a language is just a matter of file importation. If you need your own language, feel free to contact us.

Back to dashboard

From the dashboard, you can go to every forms (when authorized), to return back to the dashboard (Home), you can either click on the menu button on bottom of the window () or from the back button () on the top left (when displayed).

Ribbon access

Every list form displayed a ribbon with different options. You can usually find 2 tabs on each ribbon (sometime 3 tabs when the form needs more criteria):

  • Home tab

From this tab you can define the display type of the form, but also use the button to add (“New”), delete (“Delete”) or modify (“Edit”) data. In case of multi-company management, you can select which company information to display.

To access to the detail of the information, you can either select a line (or a block) and click on the button “Edit”, or double-click on the line (or block).

You can duplicate the selected line (or block) with the button “Duplicate”.

The button “Display” will open the detail form on which you can navigate to each detail with arrows.

  • Criteria tab

It is to define the criteria of the data to display.

  • Status tab

When the data is managed with a status, you can select the status to display.